Saturday, 14 January 2017

Christian apologists and anti-muslims are running many fake Islamic sites

In the world of web there are thousands of sites which were created to misguide the people who are interested to know about Islam, Quran and prophet Mohammad (PUH). Those sites are using Islamic calligraphy and Islamic domain names to deceive you and they use fake and partial Hadith and Quranic verses to undermine Islam, Quran and prophet Mohammad (PUH). The World Wide Web (www) has put knowledge of all fields of human study at our fingertips. That it is a boon to mankind cannot be doubted. But at the same time it has its pitfalls. The major one being that anyone with a website or blog can put up whatever they like on any subject onto the web world. Thus, the internet while being a source of sound authentic knowledge on any field is at the same time also a source of misinformation and hence needs to be utilized with caution, for there are many ‘quack’ sites on almost all topics under discussion on the net. So, please be careful while you are getting knowledge of Islam. Islam is the fastest growing religious in the world. Many Christian are converting to islam and that's why some dishonest Christian apologists and anti-muslims are running those fake Islamic sites. Please use the following website links if your keyword is any of Islam. Following links and address can be consider as the authentic source of Islamic, Quran and prophet Mohammad (PUH). Moreover, please note that while the researchers consider the sites in the recommended list to be mostly sound Islamically to the best of their knowledge, it does not mean an automatic approval of all the contents or views posted on that site. Also the external links provided on those sites are not included as part of the review. So surfer discretion is definitely advised.

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